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Allie Grace Garnett is a content marketing professional with a lifelong passion for the written word. Allie provides writing, editing, content strategy, and content marketing services to business, finance, and technology clients. Allie is a Harvard Business School graduate with a professional background in investment finance and engineering. Allie's passion for writing extends back to high school, where she held several editorships on the school's award-winning newspaper. As a content marketer, Allie thrives on developing effective content strategies and putting them into action—and then measuring the results! Allie leverages her deep knowledge of #cryptocurrency, #blockchain, and #web3 to drive ROI from innovative content marketing. Allie possesses a wide range of skills and competencies, both strategic and functional. An experienced content strategist, savvy content marketer, and SEO expert—Allie stands out for being a passionate writer who is devoted to her craft. Allie has written and edited extensively on cryptocurrency, blockchain, web3, and other finance & technology topics. View Allie's complete writing portfolio at

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