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Spheron Protocol is a blockchain-based, decentralized web app deployment and hosting platform that seeks to revolutionize the web hosting ecosystem. 

Following a simply 3-step deployment process, developers can securely launch web apps, store and retrieve assets, host websites, and gain HTTPS on every deployment, thanks to the Arweave Protocol.

The platform requires only a single one-time fee and provides 100% uptime, eliminating the annoyance of hidden fees or recurring web archival costs.

With immutable data, custom domain configuration, and a censorship-resistant platform, users benefit from complete freedom and control of their content.  

Spheron is creating a decentralized solution that bridges the gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 developers so users can enjoy a more transparent and intuitive experience.

No more 404 errors. No more censorship. No recurring fees.

The future of web development is here

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TachyonPL Ventures

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