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Venus was once called go-filecoin before the mainnet launch, it was initially developed by PL. However, Lotus instead became the first implementation of Filecoin when the mainnet was launched. After the mainnet launch, go-filecoin changed its name to Venus and IPFS Force took the responsibility of developing and maintaining Venus.  The first Venus node on filecoin mainnet was online in early 2021. There are approximately 200 nodes(with almost 500 PiB QAP) are now running Venus as the software on the Filecoin mainnet. Major Venus users are based in Asia while some are in Europe and NA.  Venus core team started programs like Venus meetup and Venus SP Incubator in late 2021. In early 2022 because there were more programs to be launched, Venushub was designed to act as a resource center to better serve the community. 

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