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We are SharpShark, a WEB3 copyright protection service that helps businesses to protect & monetize their textual, visual, and other copyrightable content. 75% of digital content is plagiarism — from NFTs on OpenSea to longreads on blog platforms. Content creators & intellectual property owners are losing money — only media businesses lose up to $3B in revenue per year. The current standard of copyright treatment is outdated. That’s why we’ve created SharpShark. How it works First, authorship is proved and certified with WEB3 standards that are compatible with modern law both in the US and EU. It’s more cost-efficient and faster than using traditional tools. Second, SharpShark tracks copyrighted piece usage, be it text or images. Third, in case of violations, pirated copies are addressed with our blockchain evidence-based dispute resolution tool. Not only do we protect copyrighted content, but we also help IP holders with monetization by providing a simpler method to buy content with clear terms of usage. We’re building a decentralized IP oracle. It’s a neutral source of data to allow anyone to know by whom, when & with what terms of distribution any piece of content on the web was ever created. For creators, it means full IP control with transparent rights transfer & advanced image monitoring feature that prevents image hijacking.

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