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Northeastern University's Khoury College of Computer Sciences delivers interdisciplinary academic programs and transformative research in the heart of Boston and beyond. Founded in 1982, Khoury College was the nation’s first college dedicated to the field of computer science. Today, Khoury College is inspired by the information-driven world—and they strive to make it a better place. Their students engage in rigorous learning and real-world experiences. Their faculty shape minds, spark innovation, and inspire ideas. Their top scholars conduct research both in the core of computer science and at the intersection of computer science and other fields to solve everyday problems, from protecting privacy to improving health to designing the systems of tomorrow. Khoury provides a strong technical foundation and an essential understanding of computing concepts while integrating computer, data, and information sciences across disciplines and industries. They offer a wide range of innovative, flexible programs from undergraduate to PhD, plus combined majors and Khoury Meaningful Minors, all built to fit individual pursuits.

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